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Relaxing Foot Spray

Our custom blend of eucalyptus oil, eucalyptus menthol crystals and tea tree oil enhances moisture retention while calming tired feet. Spray features simple application for daily use.

Magic Oil

Infused with the natural oils of Jojoba and Tea Tree, our magic oil increases suppleness to skin while acting as a natural antiseptic agent, showcasing gemicide and fungicide properties as noted in documented studies.

Soft Feet Pedicure Soak

This liquid pedicure contains tree oil and natural antibacterial agent to gently cleanse and refreshen feet. Softens callouses and restores skin to silky form.

Massage Oil Blends

Apply this moisturizing massage oil over the body to soften and moisturize skin as it replenished skin to rich and soothing form — similar to our salt scrub.