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Soft Feet Pedicure Soak

This liquid pedicure contains tree oil and natural antibacterial agent to gently cleanse and refreshen feet. Softens callouses and restores skin to silky form.

Massage Oil Blends

Apply this moisturizing massage oil over the body to soften and moisturize skin as it replenished skin to rich and soothing form — similar to our salt scrub.

Extreme Body Cream

A rich and emolient body cream manufactured from glycerine and plant extracts with Vitamin E and antioxidant properties. Works as a non-greasy applicant to apply daily or for additional dry skin protection.

Salt Scrub

Our refreshing Body Salt Scrub Exfoliates and smooths your skin with fine salt extracted from the great salt lake. The grape seed, avocado and rice brand oils rejuvenate skin to a soft and supple form. Oils also contain Vitamins A, D & E along with natural antioxidants. Salt scrubs are available in our many custom scents and can be purchased in retail or professional sizes.